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19th January, 2011

Foça pups: feeding video

A video released by Turkish NGO SAD-AFAG illustrates how a pair of recently orphaned Mediterranean monk seal pups, undergoing rehabilitation in Foça, Turkey, have been introduced to an innovative bowl-feeding method (in place of the customary and more invasive force-feeding technique). Courtesy: SAD-AFAG.

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  • Sue Wilson

    This is certainly preferable to tube-feeding – if the pups will take sufficient food this way. However, better still would be to enable the pups to suck by bottle-feeding. Have you attempted this? There is a baby’s soft silicone nursing bottle available (Tommee Tippee Nuby natural touch soft flex silicone nurser). This enables you to squeeze the bottle gently with the teat in the pup’s mouth and give the pup the idea of sucking from the bottle. It might be worth a try.

    I am pleased to note you kept both pups together – this will have greatly benefited their normal behaviour after release. I am including this info on the Seal Conservation Soc Med monk seal page, rehab section. Could you let me know the pups’ sexes (and their names), whether they were tagged or marked in any way at release, and any information you have on them post-release? Many thanks and best wishes.

    Sue Wilson (Tara Seal Research and Seal Conservation Society)

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