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12th November, 2011

NOAA reopens public comment on Critical Habitat

NOAA, Announcement, 7 November 2011

Proposed rule to revise Hawaiian monk seal Critical Habitat — Public comment period reopened

On June 2, 2011 NOAA Fisheries published a proposed rule to revise Hawaiian monk seal critical habitat. The public comment period was open for 90-days, until August 31, 2011. In response to public concerns and comments, NOAA Fisheries has decided to reopen the public comment period for the proposed rule to revise critical habitat for the Hawaiian monk seal. The public comment period will be reopened from November 7, 2011 for 60-days and will close on January 6, 2012.

Source: NOAA Fisheries

1 comment to NOAA reopens public comment on Critical Habitat

  • Hope Kallai

    With the recent killings of Hawaiian Monk Seals in the Main Hawaiian Islands, it becomes very apparent that NOAA’s attempt at Public Outreach is failing. We do not need relocated seals murdered as well.

    The most critical crisis the HMS face is the floating Fukushima tsunami debris. There should be some sort of Emergency Plan being formulated to remove debris from the Northwest Hawaiian Islands. There is potential for all pupping habitat in the NWHI to be eliminated due to rubbish.

    Radioactivity is not the only problem of this floating mat of debris, 1/4 the size of the North Pacific rubbish gyre.

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