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5th January, 2012

Suspected killing of fourth seal investigated on Kauai

Media Watch, KITV, 4 January 2012

A fourth monk seal found dead in the islands in less than three months has state and federal officials appealing for the public’s help to stop the killings. A fisherman reported the latest Hawaiian monk seal found dead two days ago in Pilaa on the Northeast coast of Kauai. It was a juvenile male, who state officials said had suspicious, visible wounds to his head. The injuries are similar to three monk seals found dead on Molokai’s westside in recent weeks.”We hope to stop this trend and the only we can do this is to have people understand that we need to get along and there’s no reason for anyone to go out and kill a monk seal,” said state land director William Aila. [More]

Source: Monk Seal Death On Kauai Under Investigation — Kauai Death Makes Four Dead Seals Since November, KITV, 4 January 2012.

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