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3rd January, 2010

New cage built for seal Badem

Press Watch, Hürriyet Daily News, January 3, 2010

The new cage built for 'Badem,' a Mediterranean seal, cost 75,000 Turkish Liras. DHA photo

Badem, a Mediterranean seal that was found beached in Didim and had previously undergone many attempts at rehabilitation after being released into the wild in 2006 will now be kept in a special aquarium. The aquarium is in a bay in the popular resort town of Marmaris.

Businessman Mustafa Koç, Badem’s sponsor, had a special aquarium prepared for the seal that cost 75,000 Turkish Liras. In its new aquarium, Badem will get the chance to hunt live fish.

Zafer Kızılkaya, a member of the executive board of the Underwater Research Foundation, or URA, said the seal was very happy in its new aquarium and it would be released into the wild again soon, because it has grown into an adult and will need to mate. […]

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1 comment to New cage built for seal Badem

  • S. TINAZ

    Dear Mustafa Koc,
    You are my hero!
    Dear Badem’cik, may you have
    a long and happy life, you are
    an asset to Turkey. Thank you
    for all the love and attention you show to us humans. I hope
    I will be able to see you some day.

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