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28th April, 2011

Croatian and Italian groups continue joint monitoring at Kamenjak

Photo: Marko Jelic, GFM

Jasna Antolović reports that Croation and Italian groups (Grupa Sredozemna Medvjedica; Gruppo Foca Monaca) continue their regular monitoring of the Kamenjak peninsula (Pula), where sightings over recent years suggest that the species is attempting to reestablish itself after a long absence.

On 24 March, GSM member Marko Jelic succeeded in taking a photograph of a monk seal resting on the beach of a cave in the area — apparently a first in the history of the conservation of the species in the Adriatic.

Two hours after the seal departed the cave, members of the Group entered to take faeces samples, which were then taken to Italy for analysis. The exercise was repeated on 12 April.

According to Antolović, the length of the seal imprint in the cave pebbles, and the absence of scars evident in the photograph, suggest that it is youngster.

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