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19th November, 2014

Rescue of an orphaned monk seal pup on Skopelos

MOm – press release, 18 November 2014

On Saturday the 15th of November, MOm’s Rescue Team was informed by Mrs Niki Lemoni, member of the Veterinary Network of ARION, Cetacean Rescue & Rehabilitation Research Center, that a newborn female Mediterranean monk seal was stranded orphaned in Velanio beach at Skopelos, Northern Sporades.

Mr Andreas Aggelopoulos, resident of Skopelos, found the young pup and immediately informed the island’s veterinarian, Mrs Lemoni who performed the initial health examinations on the animal.

The overall clinical and veterinary condition of the pup indicates that it has been alone, without its mother, for at least five days. It should be also noted that a week ago, MOm was informed of a dead stranded adult female monk seal, which probably is the pup’s mother.

On Sunday the 16th of November, the young pup was transferred to Athens with the support of the Port Police authorities of Skopelos island. The orphaned pup is currently being treated at MOm’s Mediterranean monk seal First Aid Unit, which has been kindly provided by Attica Zoological Park.

The results of the first veterinary tests have shown that the pup’s condition is critical. It is dehydrated and has symptoms of a respiratory infection. The pup weighs only 13 kilograms, and is approximately 15 days old.

The pup has already begun MOm’s intensive treatment program, under the supervision of Dr Natassa Komninou, professor at the Veterinary School of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

It should be mentioned that its veterinary condition is still considered critical, and for the next 10 days of its treatment, unforeseen difficulties and the young pup’s response will be deciding factors for overall progress and success of its rehabilitation.

We would like to warmly thank for their support and contribution in the rescue of the monk seal pup, Mr Andreas Aggelopoulos, Mrs Niki Lemoni, the Cetacean Rescue & Rehabilitation Research Center ARION and its Veterinary Network, the Animal Hospital in Pikermi, as well as the Port Police authorities of Skopelos island.

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